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Porta accomodation is situated in Nána around 800 m from Thermal bath Vadaš Štúrovo.
Nána is situated near the river Hron (around 2 km far). It can provide also other falicities: tanning, swimming, fishing.
Close around Nána are Kováčovské kopce with nice view to scenery around the river Danube, to Esztergom town (HU) and to its cathedral.

Sights: you can visit museum and cathedral in Esztergom (HU), castle and wine bar in Belá (SK around 10 km), Budapest - capital city of Hungary (around 50 km) or bridge over the river Danube: Mária Valéria - rebuilt in 2000.

In June, July and August city provide many cultural festivals (beer festival, "Opens of summer", "Close of summer"...) and many interest programme for visitors.
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